This exhibition brings together three artists who live and work in Montréal, and for whom this is the first museum presentation of their work. Their digital art pieces (film, filmed performance, website) in the process of being acquired by the Musée address the doubts and insecurities that are seeping into our different relationships and dynamics through various filters and screens.

The frantic pace of our contemporary society, coupled with our isolation and overuse of social media, produces many harmful effects on our mood, our consumption and our perception of ourselves and others. Although we can now reach and connect with people in every corner of the world, we are becoming much more selective, we are quick to pass judgment. We are looking for perfection, and that is making us distrustful. How can we form interpersonal bonds in that kind of ecosystem, without drowning in it, without being burned?

Put together, the works on display prompt us to be mindful of different communication tools—inquiry, online meeting apps, social media—and the contexts in which they operate.

This selection, part of the MAC’s initiative to acquire works by emerging artists, demonstrates their innovative use of digital technologies and features pieces that are both critical and sophisticated. An important criterion in this exercise was to choose artists from a variety of cultural communities representative of the city of Montréal.

Eunice Bélidor, guest curator for the Salon des émergents

Sophie Latouche

Born in Québec City, Québec, 1990 
Lives and works in Montréal/Tiohtià:ke/Mooniyang, Québec

Quand tout fit avec l’aesthetic de ta chambre Remix Edition, 2018
[When Everything Fits with the Aesthetic of Your Room Remix Edition]

Web page
In the process of acquisition 

This web page brings together and reorganizes texts posted by Québec influencers on Instagram, combining them in random fashion with a series of portraits from stock photo sites. The associations generated by the user’s clicks suggest the constructed identities and personal narratives conveyed by social media. This interactive, chance-based work makes visitors wonder about the form itself of these texts which, detached from their original contexts, allow a new and ephemeral meaning to emerge.

Sophie Latouche graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in intermedia/cyberarts. She is a co-founder of Galerie Galerie, an online platform for disseminating web art.

Exhibition artworks

The artworks in this exhibition were selected by Eunice Bélidor, guest curator for the first edition of the Salon des émergents 2021 presented by the National Bank. This virtual benefit event organized by the Fondation du MAC gives participants the opportunity to participate in the development of the Museum’s collection. Click here to find out more