MACrépertoire is a unique platform aiming to make the MAC’s collections available continually in the digital realm . It was developed with the support of the Quebec’s digital cultural plan as a part of the Museum’s new and growing digital offering, designed to give the institution’s cultural content increased visibility, and the means of reaching a wider and more diverse audience.

Access to MACrépertoire

MACrépertoire is a diverse source of information on the MAC’s collections, artists, events and publications since its founding in 1964. This evolving research tool provides the public with a rich collection of works and resources related to the MAC’s collections and cultural programming, with a special emphasis on visual content, including countless images and videos. With this vast array of digital content drawn from the collections database, MACrépertoire makes a variety of documents available through a multitude of links that promote the dissemination of the collections, support research and make it easy for anyone to easily locate information, which is organized in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

Overview of the MACrépertoire:

  • A remarkable national collection, including close to 8,000 works;
  • More than 1,800 artists represented;
  • More than 2,000 events that have contributed to the development of the visual arts community in Québec and shaped its history since the 1960s: exhibitions, performances, lectures, etc.;
  • More than 800 publications, most of which are available in PDF;
  • More than 16,000 images, including works and exhibition views, and hundreds of videos, including excerpts from videographic works;
  • Nearly 3,000 PDF documents (posters, banners, invitation cards and news releases).

The MACrépertoire can be accessed from the institution’s website or directly at:

The MAC would like to warmly thank the artists for their support and valuable collaboration in carrying out this major project.

Please, take note that the platform is only available in French for now.

The MACrépertoire open-data library 

The Museum freely shares the contents of its MACrépertoire open-data library to help amplify the visibility of contemporary art in the digital realm while promoting accessibility and creative reuse of data for innovative projects relating to the collections (e.g., data visualization, applications).

 Please note that the interface and dataset are in French.

Watch our tutorial on how to use the MACrépertoire

Management and development

Anne-Marie Zeppetelli, Project Manager

Cindy Veilleux, Head of Digital Collections

Etienne Desautels, Analyst-Programmer

Research assistants

Lucie Rivest, Wendy Thomas

Digitization and management of audiovisual media

Etienne Desautels, Michel Pinault


Paule Girardin, Cindy Veilleux

This project is supported as part of the implementation of Quebec’s digital cultural plan.