The MAC’s Approach

The Museum privileges the acquisition of works for its collection created over the past 10 years primarily. It is well within the Museum’s mandate however to acquire works whose historic significance allows for a better understanding of Contemporary Art today.

The MAC’s collection is representative of Quebec’s cultural diversity, including First Nation artists. It is on the lookout for active practices outside the general metropolitan area and respects gender equality.

As an institution dedicated to Contemporary Art, the MAC’s priority lies in developing fields of practice rooted in the present, such as Media Arts, Performance Art, works immaterial in nature and works with a performative approach and the potential for reinterpretation.

The Museum’s acquisitions are guided by its Acquisitions Policy and follows the recommendations of the MAC’s Acquisitions Advisory Committee.

The Acquisitions Process

Artists, gallery owners, collectors and all owners of a work of art can submit a proposal for an acquisition for the MAC’s collection at any time, simply by filling out this online form.

The proposal must include visual documentation on the proposed acquisition as well as a brief description with the name of the artist, the title, date of creation, materials, measurements and any publication and exhibit details linked to the work.

All proposals will be studied carefully.
Only those whose proposals are recommended by the Consultative Committee will be contacted.
The Committee meets four times per year.

If you have any questions regarding the acquisitions process at the MAC or regarding the fiscal advantages linked to donating works, contact us at [email protected].