The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, a proud partner in the event  “Montréal City of Glass,” will offer an innovative look at its Permanent Collection in a dazzling new exhibition. With Glass, Under Glass, Without Glass showcases a dozen major works chosen from the Musée Collection and produced by nine artists. The presence of glass as a significant component is the principal basis for this selection.

Glass, neon and mirrors; sculpture, architecture and furniture; film screenings, miniature painting and the blank page of paper: these are all elements and media found in the narrative or demonstrative, formalist or poetic works brought together here.

A shattering mirror in Le Tournis, 2008, by Gwenaël Bélanger (Québec), fanciful miniature worlds depicted in negative view in Les Petits Métiers, 1985, and Les Offrandes, 1986, by Philippe Favier (France), a table lavishly set with glass dishes and a glass chandelier in Les Hôtes and Le Grand veilleur, 2007, by Claudie Gagnon (Québec), a glass house in the film installation Home, 1986, by Wyn Geleynse (Ontario), a glass filing cabinet holding blank sheets of paper in Classifié, 1994, by Claude Hamelin (Québec), a neon work in Ciboulette, 1968, by Jacques Hurtubise (Québec), a glass table based on the Fibonacci numerical sequence in Tavolo, 1978, by Mario Merz (Italy), transparency and opacity of filiation in Mère obscure, père ambigu, fils accompli : Agathe, 1994, by Stephen Schofield (Québec), glass and neon sails in La Salle, 1980, by Keith Sonnier (United States) and a surrealistic sculpture of a bathtub in an aquarium in Silence and Slow Time, 1994, by Catherine Widgery (Québec).

Commissarié par: Josée Bélisle, Curator of the collection