This documentary exhibition, conceived as a link between Manifesto and the Françoise Sullivan retrospective, presents originals of most of the major historical manifestos quoted in Julian Rosefeldt’s video installation. To mark the seventieth anniversary of the publication of Refus global, a copy of that celebrated album (which includes a text by Françoise Sullivan entitled “Dance and Hope”) is also on display, along with archival documents and other manifestos that arose from the intersection of dance and performance with the visual arts in Québec and the rest of Canada. This series of historical documents is interspersed with three artworks, by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Romany Eveleigh and Mathieu Beauséjour, that also highlight the importance of the materiality of the manifesto and its essentially performative nature: meant to be put into practice, played out, and reenacted, the manifesto operates as a framework for language’s constantly renewed involvement in the transformation of the world.

Commissarié par: François LeTourneux
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