Since 1989, the Wilson sisters have collaborated on works in which repressed memory and the malaise of everyday life are intertwined.

Originally intrigued by the anxiety aroused by certain buildings, they have created video installations that immerse the viewer in what they call the “psychology of the space,” a mixture of impressions and emotions. With The Silence is Twice as Fast Backwards, they continue to explore the experience of the subliminal, this time by evoking a space of transition. In Cocteau’s movie, a bell rings to signal that it is time for Orpheus to step through the mirror and descend to the underworld. Inspired by the work of composer Georges Auric, who wrote the music for the Cocteau film, the Wilson sisters recorded a full eight-bell peal at St. Peter’s Church in Winchcombe, next to Sudeley Castle. Dedicated to video and film art, the Musée’s Projections series examines the conceptual space between cinema and contemporary art.

Commissarié par: Louise Simard