This exhibition of photographs by David K. Ross offers an original take on the packing and storage of artworks. With his new series Attaché, the artist records a recent stage in museography, while revisiting one of the great moments in contemporary art history.

The project revolves around a particular object that is threatened with obsolescence: the traditional packing crate, painted with a specific colour “attached” to each museum, to protect works during transportation. Some ten empty crates from nearly as many institutions will thus be documented in detail and become the subject of high-resolution colour images. The quality of the surfaces reproduced and their large size will reveal pictorial gestures and accidental irregularities that recall the major issues involved in abstract painting, be it abstract expressionism, colour field painting or monochromatic abstraction.
David K. Ross was one of the 33 artists featured in the first Québec Triennial, presented at the Musée in 2008.