Now comprising almost 7,500 works executed mainly between 1939 and today, the Musée Collection offers a relevant panorama of the main trends in contemporary art. Although it is strongest in paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures and photographs, it also holds a significant number of works of installation art, exemplary pieces by artists whose individual practices combine the personal and the universal.  

Among them are creators like Bill Viola, Gary Hill, James Turrell, Louise Bourgeois, Christian Boltanski, Thomas Hirschhorn, Geneviève Cadieux, Barbara Steinman and Marcel Dzama. Continuing the dynamic policy of presenting the collections in rotation — a policy imposed by a lack of gallery space — the Musée is now displaying three major installations acquired over the past two years: Not I / pas moi (2006-2007) by Christine Davis, Cuba Still (Remake) (2005) by Adad Hannah and Chameleon (2004) by Franz West. Together they are the focus of the exhibition The Collection: Some Installations.