Dominique Blain

Village, 2003-2004

Dominique Blain
Dimensions and medium
Cardboard, newspaper, wood and halogen bulbs, 396 × 114 × 114 cm
Anonymous gift
Artwork description
Dominique Blain’s installation titled Village was specifically conceived for her retrospective at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, in 2004. The work is a monumental column resembling a skyscraper, that measures over 13 feet in height. An interior light source radiates through hundreds of small openings onto the surrounding gallery walls. The piece is the result of a project begun in 1988, and is composed of small “houses” covered in newspaper articles reporting on world conflicts, namely in Bosnia, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Through its imitation of Western architecture and by highlighting the conflicts of the Third World, the work symbolically addresses notions of capitalism, the economy, finance and the power of large Western cities.

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