Laurent Grasso

Souvenirs du futur, 2010

Laurent Grasso
Souvenirs du futur
Dimensions and medium
Neon tube letters mounted on aluminum supports, transformers, 3 × 36.8 m (letters)
Gift of the artist
Artwork description
Laurent Grasso questions our visual and temporal perception of things, or more precisely, the limits of reality, our beliefs and science. Using neon as a vector of reality, Souvenirs du futur was conceived and exhibited at the Assemblée-Nationale (National Assembly) in Quebec City as part of the 5th edition of the Manif d’art de Québec, in 2010. As with his series Studies into the Past, where Grasso integrated elements of the future within a painting that had the appearance of a historical work, this installation combines the past and the future within a single historical horizon, offering a kind of futuristic vision through the eyes of the past.

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