Daniel Buren

Sous-verres, sun-verres, 1990

Daniel Buren
Sous-verres, sun-verres
Dimensions and medium
Plexiglass, wood, acrylic and adhesive vinyl, 14 frames of 70 × 70 cm each, 6 frames of 30 × 30 cm each
Artwork description
In Daniel Buren’s installation Sous-verres, sun-verres, two walls face each other: one painted in white, the other in black. While the frames are hung askew, the bands remain vertical, forming a virtual square that can be completed by the mind’s eye. The piece stems from Buren’s installation titled Travaux situés, presented at Galerie René Blouin in 1990. Sous-verres, sun-verres addresses the idea of the pattern, the frame and the support, and their arbitrariness within the larger art system. Contrary to in situ art practices, Buren’s “situated” works can be presented in various sites and are re-installed according to detailed instructions that determine the relationship of the elements on the wall with regards to an ultimate condition that lies beyond the artist’s control: the choice of the exhibition wall. This approach challenges the notion of the author and the autonomy normally associated with the work of art.

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