Christine Davis

Not I/Pas moi, 2006-2007

Christine Davis
Not I/Pas moi
Dimensions and medium
Diaporama loop projected on a screen of buttons, 2 mirrors, 18 min, Variable dimensions according to the exhibition space; 180 × 121.9 cm (screen and mirrors)
Purchase, with the support of the Acquisition Assistance Program of the Canada Council for the Arts
Artwork description
In Christine Davis’ installation Not I/Pas moi, fragments of texts written by Samuel Beckett and Simone Weil are projected in a rhythmic, continuous fashion on a suspended screen covered in vintage buttons. The projection is reflected on two adjacent mirrors hung perpendicularly to the screen. The sequence of words appears in French, then English, right side up and upside down, one by one becoming legible either on the screen or in the mirrors. The tragic beauty of the words repositions viewers at the centre of their own subjectivity, despite the constant negation of the “I” and the impossibility of remembering the relentless flow of this silent but powerful dialogue.

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