Wyn Geleynse

Home, 1986

Wyn Geleynse
Dimensions and medium
Tainted glass, painted wood, projector, stand and 16mm black and white film, loop, mute, 1 min 10 s, 175.5 × 203 × 36.5 cm
Artwork description
In Wyn Geleynse’s installation Home, a film projector built by the artist projects a black and white film inside a small glass house with walls that are partially covered in black soot. Projected as a loop, the film consists of a single scene in which two people endlessly repeat the same strange action. As the viewer activates the projector, a mysterious moving image appears where a young person gently, but repeatedly, beats a man as he manipulates dollar bills in front of him. By putting this domestic scene on full view, the installation incorporates an element of voyeurism accentuated by the small scale of the projection, which draws the viewer in close. Since the projector sits exposed next to the glass house, the ghostly apparition it generates is demystified by its own mechanism, thus critically bringing to light the conventions that govern our sentimentality toward the photographic image. By playing with the notion of illusion and drawing from the nostalgic esthetic of black and white photography, the work questions the fetish aspect traditionally attributed to the family portrait while addressing the role that collective memory plays in the creation of personal recollection.

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