Michael Snow

Driven II, 1985

Michael Snow
Driven II
Dimensions and medium
Hologram by transmission and color photography on painted wood panel, white light, 317.5 × 152.4 × 198.1 cm (dimensions of the installation)
Artwork description
Michael Snow’s holographic installation, Driven II, was initially conceived as part of an environment titled The Spectral Image, presented at Expo ’86 in Vancouver. Located in a former locomotive repair hangar called the Round House, the installation included approximately fifteen sculptural works with holographic components, and gave a brief history of transportation and communication systems. Driven II depicts a blue painted car door with a holographic image of a driver whose elbow extends toward the viewer. The work offers a visual reflection on pictorial and sculptural space, on the fusion of the real with the illusion of three-dimensionality through the impalpable matter of light, and the particular relationship that holography creates between the viewer and the image.

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