Charles Gagnon

Boîte nº 4, 1962

Charles Gagnon
Boîte nº 4
Dimensions and medium
Various materials collage, 73.7 × 60 × 13.5 cm
Artwork description
In 1961 and 1962, Charles Gagnon worked with collage, assemblage and painting to create a set of boxes containing incongruous elements organized in a complex network of interrelationships. One of these, Boîte nº 4, is an amalgam of objects arranged in a more or less orderly fashion: a photograph of a group of children held back by a rope, a fragment of a yardstick, a section of flowered wallpaper, a wooden piece in the shape of the letter T, metal cups, paper plates and other elements that evoke a domestic and intimate world. While some works from this series have glass fronts that reinforce a two-dimensional figurative space, others, such as this piece, are open; its contents are a continuation of real space, and as such, occupy a kind of spatial ambiguity. By containing and unveiling its contents, and through its relationship to the frame and the window, the box gives these objects semantic value while preserving their authenticity as objects through the space they share with the viewer.

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