Jean-Pierre Aubé

31 soleils (Dawn Chorus), 2010

Jean-Pierre Aubé
31 soleils (Dawn Chorus)
Dimensions and medium
Video, 23 min 55 s, sound, 12 driver sound system, mixer, 4 amplifiers, computer, cables, road case and video projector, Variable dimensions
Gift of Collection Loto-Québec, acquired in partnership with the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal
Artwork description
Jean-Pierre Aubé’s video and sound installation 31 soleils (Dawn Chorus) refers to the phenomenon of the exponential propagation of low frequency radio waves that occurs at dawn, when the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field increases. The work is partially composed of sounds recorded over 31 days with a very-low-frequency radio wave receiver. The result is a sampling of the cracklings, parasitic oscillations, and other usually inaudible electronic noises that are part of vast and abstract communication network through which we maintain contact with each other. The nearly deafening volume of this dawn chorus demonstrates how inconceivable modern life would be without communication technologies, and how, at least in theory, these technologies multiply the potential for contact with life forces well beyond what we can imagine.

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