From June 1 to 5, the Musée will welcome the 17th edition of the MUTEK Festival: five days of performances and celebration of creativity in electronic music and sonic experimentation, offering an original, technologically advanced program.

For the program, please visit MUTEK’s website.

MACarte privileges
Holders of MACarte, the MAC membership card, enjoy a 20% discount on individual tickets to programs in the NOCTURNE MUTEK series at the MAC (limit of two tickets per evening, per MACarte holder) purchased online.

In order to obtain this discount, send an email to [email protected] and specify in the subject line of your message the names of the programs and the number of tickets you would like to purchase (maximum 2 per program). Attach a scan of your MACarte. Once we receive your message, we will send you a promotional code that can be applied at the online ticket office below.

Musée members will also receive this discount when they purchase tickets in person at the MUTEK ticket counter at the MAC during the festival week.

Visit the MAC before or after a performance
To enhance MUTEK festival-goers’ experience, the MAC is offering visits of its current exhibitions, available to anyone holding a ticket for a performance at the Musée d’art contemporain. These visits may be made on the date shown on the ticket and according to the Musée’s hours.


NOCTURNE MUTEK 1 Series at the MAC
Main Room (CA)
Aïsha Devi (CH) // artiste SHAPE:
“Of Matter And Spirit”
Ash Koosha (IR/UK)
Lee Gamble & Dave Gaskarth (UK) :
BWR Hall
Siete Catorce (MX)
Atom™ (DE/CL) : “Transgress”
Magnanime (CA)
Midnight Operator (CA)


NOCTURNE MUTEK 2 Series at the MAC
Main Room
Laura Luna (CZ/MX) // artiste SHAPE
Kara-Lis Coverdale (CA)
Tim Hecker (CA)
Lorenzo Senni (IT) // artiste SHAPE: « AAT »
BWR Hall
Jackson (FR) // artiste SHAPE :
“Light Metal Music
Sarah Davachi (CA)
Simon Chioini (CA)
Fousek/Hansen/Tellier-Craig (CA)
Peder Mannerfelt (SE) // artiste SHAPE


NOCTURNE MUTEK 3 Series at the MAC
Main Room
Off World (CA/Toronto)
Colleen (FR)
Burnt Friedman (DE)
Jlin (US)
Romare (UK)
BWR Hall
Christian Carrière (CA)
Sarah Davachi (CA)
Jeremy Gara (CA)
Désormais (CA/Toronto)
And The End Of Everything (MX)


NOCTURNE MUTEK 4 Series at the MAC
Main Room
Essaie Pas (CA)
Powell (UK)
Terekke (US)
Galcher Lustwerk (US)
BWR Hall
QUADr (CA) : “/cYcle”
Political Ritual (CA)
White Visitation (MX)
Spatial (UK) // artiste SHAPE
T’ien Lai (PL) // artiste SHAPE


NOCTURNE MUTEK 5 Series at the MAC
Main Room
Julia Kent (CA/USA)
Flanger (DE)
Dawn of Midi (US)
Frits Wentink (NL)
Chic Miniature (CA)
BWR Hall
dull (FR)
Lawrence Le Doux (BE) // artiste SHAPE
Local Artist (CA/Vancouver)
Project Pablo (CA)
Ohm Hourani & Do Mi (CA) : “AL/VE”