On April 15, 2011, Les Printemps du MAC held its benefit evening, called OUT OF FRAME. The goal of the event was to raise the MAC’s profile among the next generation and interest young businesspeople in today’s art and the artistic endeavour.

Co-chaired in outstanding fashion, for the second year in a row, by Anna Antonopoulos (Groupe Antonopoulos) and Pascal de Guise (BCF), the evening was a great success, with more than 850 people in attendance and record proceeds for the Foundation.

The organizing committee also included Emmanuel Amar (IDX Design), Roberto Bellini (Bellus Health Inc.), Christine Boivin (Cohn & Wolfe), Marie-Josée Cantin (Vision Globale), Allison Dent (Global M&A Inc.), Antoine Ertaskiran (Berensen Art), Eva Hartling (Birks & Mayors), Karine Joizil (Fasken Martineau), Mélanie Joly (Cohn & Wolfe), Catherine Malouin (Ernst & Young), Louis-Simon Ménard (Digital Dimension), Ranya Nasri (Nasri International), Gilles Ostiguy (Bos), Serge Pointet (LAPROD), Antony Rizzuto (Métrocom s.e.c.) and Hugo Thibault (Yellow Pages Group).