Event informations: 

October 15, 2022 from 1pm to 3pm
at Bradley Ertaskiran, Montreal, QC

Book description: Sticky Pictures examines and celebrates the evolving work of Montreal-based artist Janet Werner. In her paintings, Werner builds a constellation of spatial and figurative explorations drawn from fashion magazines and art history to create collage-like composite figures that slip easily between articulations of beauty, gender, psychology and emotion. Werner’s painterly operations are both unsettling and seductive, revealing the conditions of perception and looking as passageways to understanding the intensity of the world at hand. Werner’s unique combination of abstraction, fictional portraiture, and the rich history of painting are explored in Sticky Pictures through texts by art and media historians, as well as an interview with the artist.

Authors: François LeTourneux, Ara Osterweil, Melissa E. Feldman, Lisa Baldissera