Inspired by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s impressive pieces Airborne Projection (Relational Architecture 20), 2013, and Subtitled Public, 2005, participants will be invited to create images, using multiple visual effects, that reveal their silhouettes—either real or somehow transformed.

In this workshop, participants will draw and cut out their own silhouettes, which they can then combine with action verbs. They will operate digital camcorders, cameras and projectors, point beams of light and try out different ways of transferring and transforming images. They will juxtapose and superimpose their silhouettes with those of the other participants. Together, they will build up a huge repertoire of body images.

We invite teachers and group leaders to use their digital devices to photograph the different stages in the production process at the Musée so that they can project those images when they are setting the projects up in class. In addition, images shot during the workshop and posted on Facebook will allow participants to follow the project’s progress.