On Friday, May 4, for the inaugural International Digital Arts Biennial, the Musée will welcome artist alva noto, known in the visual arts world by the name of Carsten Nicolai.

In addition to appearing in the MAC’s Projections series from May 5 to 27, the artist will take part in a Friday Nocturne, where he will present his performance piece univrs (uniscope version), taken from his most recent project on Raster-Noton, a leading Berlin label of which he is the co-founder.

The installation univrs (uniscope version) was developed using TouchDesigner software, in close co-operation with Derivative, of Toronto (derivative.ca).

The capacity of the hall where the band will perform is limited due to a municipal by-law. Accordingly, not everyone can be accommodated inside the hall. However, the performance will be simulcast on two giant screens, next to the bar and on the exhibition gallery level, so that as many visitors as possible can enjoy the event.